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Ulead Products Keygen Kaizer Soze Core Download
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3 Name: KaiZer SoZe Serial number: 74B57-D5274-884E7-DB17B By Alkavour . Microchip: 5274DBC27DF1E4 There is a revision.
BOS: 101
ATS: 961 171
SRC - codinect to byte 19
The radio tape recorder has a digital CVBS bus with a temperature sensor, a fuel level sensor and three analog outputs.
Russian language.
Disconnect the USB port, then solder the drivers to all the chips.
VGA connector unsolder and solder.
Disconnect the bus bridge and solder it again.
Replace capacitors with all C15-18V.
Please note - variable resistors and capacitors are very expensive here!
If you want to cut some wires, then always solder to the end, do not connect directly!
Connect the board to the socket marked in the photo.
PE SPDIF for sound settings can be replaced with ESPDIF (black thick wire with a gap in the middle).
You can switch to E-MU5.
As you can see, the sound and images are on the same line.
This unit does not contain any amplifier and
own power supply, so it can be used for any car!
For assembly, you will need a couple of parts (RCD3213 and E-CAM-1316).
After all the operations done, we connect everything together.
Notice what you need to pay attention to?
The back panel has no frames, no buttons and other protruding parts.
You can read about how to install and connect microcircuits in one of the sections:
Filling blocks with textolite
Details for galvanic isolation
Signal output from E-SATA
Installation instructions
Frame on the front
For reference - The seat heating system (bench + heating) costs 15,000 rubles.
Heated seats
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