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Synology Surveillance Station Li
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It is an NVR (Network Video Recorder) system that provides security by monitoring IP cameras. It is used in security systems to record information about events that occur while viewing the archives of video surveillance systems.
A video recorder is a device for recording and storing video information. The main functions of this device:
Recording and storage of an image in the form of an archive using a registrar;
Protection and storage of information about what is happening in security systems;
Search for video informants and provision of operational information about the events that have occurred to the console or to the archive.
Almost any registrar today has several functions, which makes it quite difficult to choose the right model. It often happens that, for example, video surveillance in a store requires not only displaying the recording, but also viewing video clips, displaying events using a web camera, etc. for its protection.
How to choose DVRs
To purchase a DVR, you need to clearly define what functions of this equipment you need. You need to understand that a video surveillance recorder with many functions at a low price will not have the same functionality as with the same functions, but at a cost ten times higher. Recently, a DVR has become popular, which supports remote access to view recordings from a client device. They can be carried out over the network (through Internet paging, FTP, e-mail, Twitter and other means of data transmission). Such devices allow you to instantly access the necessary information.
Experts recommend choosing DVRs that use digital compressors. They improve the quality of the image, as well as the security of the video surveillance system. DVRs with analog compressors tend to be slower and more expensive.
During installation, the number of cameras to be recorded must be taken into account. Video surveillance in stores requires recording a large number of events from CCTV cameras, so you need to purchase equipment that can record a large number of events. In order for the recording process to take place quickly, it is necessary to install more cameras on the DVR than the buyer has. In this case, it is better to choose cameras with high resolution.
Real-time video recording is required in order to assess the situation in the store. Camcorder recording provides continuous, instant and detailed viewing.
Detection, recording, file display and alarm transmission can prevent illegal intrusion into protected premises. Thanks to the ability to create highly effective security systems, which is provided by video surveillance registrars, the store owner will feel completely safe.
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